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My deepest condolences   / Hendrick Polanco
My deepest condolences. May these fewwords from the Holy Scriptures bring you comfort in your time of grief... John 11:32-45 32 And so Mary, when she arrived where Jesus was and caught sight of him, fell at his feet, saying to him: “Lord, if yo...  Continue >>
I remember   / Andy Scheuer (friend)
It has been awhile Bonnie. I think of Jack your mom and you alot.Every day roofing, something reminds me of the start of my roofing career; you, Mike Franks,Juanita. Bob Van. Jack, or all the guys we worked with. The pictures on the web sight I saw a...  Continue >>
Happy Easter Jack!   / Melissa Eiler (~Angel Friend~ )
Happy St. Patrick's Day Jack!   / Melissa Eiler (~Angel Friend~ )
A Valentine for you Jack   / Melissa Eiler (~Angel Friend~ )
Happy New Year Jack!  / Melissa Eiler (~Angel Friend~ )    Read >>
Warmest holiday wishes for u & your family precious Jack  / Janet (Mom To Nicholas Piccolo)     Read >>
Happy Holidays Jack!  / Melissa Eiler (~Angel Friend~ )    Read >>
My beloved brother  / Bonnie Cooper (Sister)    Read >>
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His legacy
Jack's Legacy  
Jack didn't cure cancer, travel to the moon or invent some modern marvel. He was just a normal guy doing his best to take care of those he loved. So his legacy has to be his children and grand children. Who knows what his family tree will look like in another 100 years, but each of the branches will carry a small part of him. I'd love to be able to time travel and meet his great-great-great grand children. Will there be a little boy with a tender heart like Jack? I hope so. 

Jack really was a ‘nice guy’, sensitive and loving. Dogs, babies and old people felt it and took an instant liking to him. He had a soft spot for older people and treated them with great respect. 

I hope memories of Jack live on in our small family for a few more generations. If I’m still around when his grand children are old enough, I certainly plan to pass on memories of him to them.

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Jack in December 1976
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